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​Non-recirocal-interaction-based model inspired by friendship formation process

T. Kano, K. Osuka, T. Kawakatsu, N. Matsui, and A. Ishiguro, A Minimal Model of Collective Behaviour Based on Non-reciprocal Interactions, Proceedings of the 14th European Conference on Artificial Life, (2017), 237-244 

Simulator (produced by Satoshi Yamaji)

It works on google chrome.

You can tune parameters and change number of agents by adjusting bars on the upper right. Simulation starts by clicking "reset" button. Parameter values shown for patterns A-S shown in the video can be chosen at the "mode" tab.

Google chromeで動作します.




Videos & simulator: 動画


A brittle star-like robot capable of immediately adapting to unexpected physical damage

T. Kano, E. Sato, T. Ono, H. Aonuma, Y. Matsuzaka, and A. Ishiguro, A Brittle Star-like Robot Capable of Immediately Adapting to Unexpected Physical Damage, Royal Society Open Science,  (2017), 171200

Videos & simulator: 動画


Decentralized control of traffic signals capable of adapting to changes in traffics

T. Kano, Y. Sugiyama, and A. Ishiguro, Autonomous Decentralized Control of Traffic Signals That Can Adapt to Changes in Traffic

Collective Dynamics, , A5 (2016), 1-18 

Videos & simulator: 動画
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